Change Agent News

July 2005



  1. Free DSRD seminar “The Art and Practice of the Change Agent”
  2. Launching the change agent network – a community of practice
  3. Public workshops in change facilitation & leadership
  4. Abstract HBR article ‘your company’s secret change agents’
  5. Links and resources for change agents


1. The Art & Practice of the ‘Change Agent’

Monday July 4 2005,  08:00 AM – 12.00PM

The Business Centre, Level 2, 470 Church Street, North Parramatta

Department of State and Regional Development

Contact Ms Anne Malsbury | Telephone: 8843 1114 | Fax: 9890 9552


This workshop will demonstrate:

§         the essential skills for practising and aspiring "Change Agents";

§         how people learn and change by "doing it" rather than by "thinking about it";

§         why the "truth" is so important to successful change and how to get there;

§         effective change tools and processes to use immediately in your work or practice.

This workshop is FREE

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2. Launching the ‘Change Agent’ Network
a new ‘community of practice’
Tuesday July 5 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm.
Café Conti
31A Fennell St North Parramatta (near corner of Windsor Rd - plenty of parking)
RSVP preferred, FREE Membership; Donation to cover costs (estimate $10).
Contact: Greg Jenkins P: 02 9874 0418 M: 0418 486 501
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3. Professional Development for ‘Change Agents’
Public courses

July – Sept 2005

Change Facilitation & Leadership

§         Change Facilitation 101 Dynamic Meetings

§         Change Facilitation 102 Dynamic Strategy

§         Change Facilitation 103 - Open Space Technology

§         Change Leadership 101 Leadership in Action

Contact: Greg Jenkins P: 02 9874 0418 M: 0418 486 501


4. ‘Your company’s secret change agents’

Harvard Business Review May 2005

Change Management, say the authors, is more about bridging the gap between “what is happening and what is possible”. Traditionally, this involves digging out the source of the problem, hiring experts and assigning the change challenge to a strong leader.

But there is a better way. Search out the “positive deviants” in your organisation and copy their example. These insiders are already practicing the answers to corporate problems. The “positive deviant” model is about channelling their creative solutions into standard organisational practice.

Six steps are recommended.

1.        “make the group the guru” (promote bottom-up team leadership).

2.        “reframe through facts” (use hard data to challenge orthodoxy).

3.        “make it safe to learn”.

4.        “make the problem concrete”.

5.        “leverage social proof” (seeing is believing).

6.        “confound the immune defence response” (allow the natural popularity of positive deviance to defeat cynicism).

A challenge for positive deviance is persuading leaders to become followers. Such role reversal is unpalatable to many traditional leaders who as a result victimize positive deviants. No wonder they are shy.

Abstract by Professor Malcolm Rimmer, head of La Trobe University’s School of Business and published in BOSS Magazine May 2005.

Article in Harvard Business Review by Richard Tanner Pascale and Jerry Sternin

Order a print of this article R0505D from Harvard Business Review OnPoint


5. Links and resources for ‘Change Agents’:

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