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e-news for Change Agents everywhere - No 5, 2005

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  1. TinCAN Events: Public Course 'Change Agent 101'; Corporate Social Responsibility Breakfast
  2. Partner Events:
  3. Features: Change Management or Change Facilitation? by Greg Jenkins
  4. Links & Resources for Change Agents:

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1. TinCAN Events

1.1. Change Agent 101 –‘Intro to Change Facilitation’ - Parramatta December 2

Change Agent 101 is a fusion of the best practices from a range of the most popular facilitation approaches from around the world in a tight package of methodologies, tools, scripts and tips.

Change Agent 101 is a synthesis of the most useful components of proven methodologies and approaches that are scalable for all sized groups for workshops times between 90 minutes or less and several days.

In this workshop you will learn how to: devise powerful focus questions; gather, sort, cluster and analyse diverse information; cross pollinate information to delve deeper into the data for more informed outcomes; devise action plans and gain commitment from everyone based on a unique traction scaling system; run modular, scalable workshops or all sized groups that range between 60 minutes and 2-3 days; use modules individually or together for both quick problem solving and achieving sustainable outcomes; use the F-R-A-C-T-A-L universal workshop methodology

In addition you will also learn how to: attain and sustain high levels of involvement, energy and commitment from participants; how to eliminate outmoded structural constraints such as ‘U shapes’ and ‘big tables’; create ‘PowerPoint-Free-Zones’ for maximum learning and involvement; eliminate fear, energy drain and failure to get to the ‘truth’; solve problems, develop strategies and manage risk cooperatively with all options explored and unprecedented buy-in from participants; allow people to move on with trust, engagement, passion and commitment so that they do what they say they will do; deal effectively with resistance

Uniqueness: This program is stripped to the bare essentials without filler or superfluous theory; A workbook containing 10 tools and processes with scripts for immediate use.

Suitable for: New and intermediate facilitators, project leaders, consultants, workshop presenters, coaches etc.

Program Details: 1 day course; Friday December 2, 9:30am to 4.30pm; Parramatta; Discounts for groups and new facilitators. Facilitator: Greg Jenkins. This course runs regularly - subject to minimum numbers. Contact: Greg Jenkins P: 02 9874 0418 M: 0418 486 501. info@tincanlearning.com  | Register Online


1.2. Corporate Social Responsibility Breakfast - Parramatta - November 8, 2005
Explore the issues behind this important trend. Business is responding to pressures on a number of new fronts, environmental degradation and changing social values. Some of the indicators are global warming, the problem of waste, recruiting and retaining talented people, and changing demand in the community for environmentally friendly products and services. What does it mean to be socially and environmentally responsible? What will the impact be on 'me' and the 'business'? We can most definitely say the solutions lie in social change.
When and where?
Tuesday November 8, 2005 from 7:00 am – 9:00 am. with Greg Jenkins and Robert Perey.

River Canyon Restaurant, 96 Phillip Street, Parramatta (near ferry wharf) http://www.rivercanyon.com.au/ 

$20 includes breakfast. RSVP Essential: Greg Jenkins P: 02 9874 0418 M: 0418 486 501

info@tincanlearning.com  | Register Online

2. Partner & Community Events

2.1. FACILITATING ON THE EDGE: 25-27 November 2005, Perth WA
2005 Australasian Facilitators Network Conference & Development Opportunities.


2.2. INTENSIVE JOURNAL RETREAT: North Sydney. 12 - 13 November 2005. (Sat 9:30 am -5 pm and Sun 9:30 am - 4 pm)
A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing. Based on the work and writings of Ira Progoff. To break out of old patterns and habits, individuals need a method to establish contact with intuitions, inner strengths and energies, and other creative capacities. Intensive Journal® workshops introduce a structured system of journal-writing which becomes a practical and creative way to expand insights and awareness. Contact Kate Scholl P (Day) 8912-4812 P (Evening) 9674 1216 email: kscholl@optusnet.com.au. http://www.eremos.org.au/newsandevents/2002-journalworkshop.html


2.3. Roger Schwarz Tour Australia and New Zealand, October 24th – November 2nd 2005. Roger Schwarz is a recognised leader and pioneer in facilitation and leadership, author of the Skilled Facilitator. http://www.iforum.com.au/ Carla Rogers Evolve Facilitation & Coaching P.02 4476 5460 M 0428 628190



Sunday 30th October 2005, 9:30 am - 8:30 pm (plus meal afterwards) Training Rooms 1&2, level 6 University of Technology, Building 5, cnr Jones and Thomas St, Ultimo.
This workshop gives you an opportunity to look at the whole of your life, take stock of where you are now and create a vision and action plan for where you want to go. $ 100. Numbers strictly limited. Enquiries to Richards & Maria Maguire 02 9896 3839 | mail@unfoldingfutures.net.


3. Features:


Change Management or Change Facilitation? by Greg Jenkins

What term is most appropriate? Are we managing or facilitating change?

It’s time to get the definitions right. Change Management is ubiquitous and is used to describe all sorts of change situations. There are numerous definitions of change management whereas change facilitation is a relatively new term encompassing a diverse set of tools’ that have emerged in the past decade. Many of these tools may have already been used from time to time within a change management context.

Whilst change management has been the dominant paradigm ample evidence points towards resultant high levels of corporate pain. Everyone in corporate life has stories about failures in change management. It is widely believed that a majority of change management processes either fail or fail or significantly blow out in cost and time.

Change Facilitation on the other hand works on a ‘low pain’ formula through building trust and engaging at all levels. Change facilitation involves giving up ‘corporate ego’, which probably explains why it is not yet mainstream.

It is now time to separate change management and change facilitation and highlight the differences.

Change Management  is a top down approach to driving strategy with an expectation of clear measurable results within tight manageable boundaries in a clear timeframe. 13 definitions of Change Management

Change Facilitation  enables sustainable change where boundaries are blurred or open, the timeframe is imprecise, there are broad qualitative measures, and outcomes are unconscious and all stakeholders both inside and outside the organisation are involved.

Change facilitation enables all stakeholders to be engaged regardless of position, education or experience where the person least likely may contribute the idea that will save or make millions.

Leaders and change practitioners need to work out whether Change Management or Change Facilitation tools are the most appropriate in their circumstances.

To request an information sheet ‘The Six Pillars of Change Facilitation’  email info@tincanlearning.com.


4. Links & Resources for Change Agents

NEW: CP Square - a community of practice on community of practice http://www.cpsquare.org/

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