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Solutions [Business + Community]

1. Change

Facilitating Workable Change




Any structure whether it is political, business, social or spiritual, needs constant change. Standing still is going backwards. Cultures become stale and destructive to all.

Innovation and continuous renewal are essential.

Harvesting ideas, and turning those ideas into innovation is the lifeblood of any organisation.

Organisations get stuck and as innovation dries up they become lifeless empty shells.

Collaborative ensures that costly options may be avoided. The ideas are there all the time if only we could harvest them

2. Strategy:

Implementing Doable Strategy

Translate High Level Plan

Execute Vision & Strategy Workshops

Sustain the Momentum

Every business and community has a strategic plan in one form or other. To some, plans may be elaborate telephone book sized works of art whilst others are scribbled on the back of an envelope.

That 90% of strategic plans never get implemented is a travesty. The cost is immense.

Plans take enormous time and effort of the top team and management resources.

What's puzzling is that the vast majority of strategic plans as well as consultants and committee reports never get past the formation stage.


3. Leadership

Developing effective leaders

Formal (Official)

Informal (Social)



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