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TinCAN U | Courses  2012/13


Change Agent Development Program

  • Next Program  | Blended E-Learning Feb 25, 2013

  • Next Intensive | 1 Day Experience |
    Sydney Nov 9, 2012 Flyer | Melbourne Nov 20, 2012 Flyer

How to Become a Successful Practicing Change Agent

The Change Agent Development Program fills the gap. You will learn and experience what's not taught in mainstream courses or seminars. The Change Agent Development Program aims to develop in you the full range of capability to be a successful practicing business and community change agent.

The core of the program is the Change Agent Trilogy

#1: Strategy: Frameworks, tools and processes to implement 'doable' vision and strategy

#2: Change: Toolkits, models and processes to facilitate 'collaborative' change

#3: Leadership: Roles, principles and values to enable 'confident' leaders of change in business and community organisations

Learning Options

Option 1: Blended E-learning | 4 courses over 12 months

Option 2: Intensives | 1 day experiential workshops

Option 3: Individual Mentoring  + Blended E-Learning

Option 4: Combination of Blended E-Learning + Intensives


Option 1: Blended E-Learning | 4 comprehensive courses over 12 Months

Blended E-Learning | 6 Group Mentoring Sessions | 4 Acts E-Learning | Available Worldwide | Affordability Pricing


Blended E_ learning | Available worldwide Dates


Strategy: Implementing ‘Doable’ Vision & Strategy

Feb 2013


Change: Facilitating ‘Collaborative’ Change

May 2013


Leadership: Enabling ‘Confident’ Leaders

July 2013


Synthesis: Sustaining the Trilogy

Oct 2013

Option 2: 1 Day Intensive | Experiential Workshop

Intensives provide (a) a snapshot and taster of the Change Agent Trilogy [Strategy; Change; Leadership]. (b) An experiential accompaniment to the 12 months Blended E-learning Option

Intensives Dates  Locations
CAD#1 Implementing ‘doable’ vision & strategy November 9, 2012 Sydney (Crows Nest)
CAD#1 Implementing ‘doable’ vision & strategy November 14, 2012 Melbourne (Abbotsford) Flyer
CAD#1 Implementing ‘doable’ vision & strategy Feb 2013 Capital cities tba
CAD#2 Facilitating ‘workable’ change May, July, Oct 2013, Feb 2014 Capital cities tba
CAD#3 Developing ‘confident’ leaders July, Oct 2013, Feb, May 2014 Capital cities tba
CAD#4a Change Agent Business Model Oct 2013, Feb, May, July, Oct 2014 Capital cities tba

Current Intensives

Implementing 'Doable' Vision & Strategy
1 Day Intensive | Experiential Workshop

Sydney November 9 Flyer  | Melbourne Nov 20 Flyer

'Plans are nothing. Planning is everything'. Dwight Eisenhower

What's your experience of vision & strategy?

  • Facilitator's workshops with walls of butcher's paper, post-it notes and typed up summaries that may or may not be processed or even read after the event?
  • Monster sized reports and formulaic strategic plans that once delivered by the consultant are never removed from the top drawer?
  • Expensive off site planning sessions where lunch is the highlight and are at best a tick box event to satisfy regulators, the board, advisors, banks and head-office?
  • Other planning experiences where the notes are either not taken or lost and nobody follows up?

Ò90% of plans never get implemented - What can be done?Ó

Whatever your role in the strategy game, be it as sponsor, facilitator, consultant, champion or supporter, itÕs time to get beyond plans that are too big or complex to read and into a Ôone pageÕ strategy and vision implementation planning.

Are you seeking answers to any of these questions?

  • What is the difference between a strategic plan and implementation planning?
  • Why is the one page plan so important?
  • What tools and frameworks will we require?
  • What roles are played out and how do they influence the strategy game?

This intensive will demystify strategy once and for all. It will help you in your quest to be the best change agent that you can be.

It doesn't matter whether you are working as an internal or external change agent in either business or community organisations.

Flyer  | Melbourne Flyer

Option 3: Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring by arrangement | Available Worldwide
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Advanced Courses

  • Performance Toolkit:

    • Lean tools; Negotiations; Change Mgt.; performance Mgt.

  • Influencing Toolkit:

    • Communication skills; Public Speaking; Storytelling Narrative



About TinCAN U Courses:

Filling the gap

Our programs teach what's not taught at University or in typical short courses and seminars.

Our proven blended format provides an experiential and challenging learning environment.

Learning Options

  • Intensive - Local  [ 1 x Day Experiential Intensive Workshop]
    SYD Nov 9  Flyer | MEL Nov 20 Flyer
  • Blended e-Learning - Available Worldwide [4 x Comprehensive e-Learning units + 6 x Group Mentoring Sessions]
  •  Starts Feb 25, 2013
  • Individual Mentoring  - Available Worldwide
  • In-house options for your organisation

What TinCAN U course participants say

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Registration & Payment

Who should attend?

People: Facilitators, Consultants, Change/project managers, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Mediators, Leaders anyone who develops strategy, runs meetings or works with groups

Organisations: Businesses, Government agencies; Local Government, education institutions, NGOs, associations, community groups, consulting and Service design firms



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